Senior Adult Counselling and Mental Health Support for Aged Care.

Mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being influences how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life. Our cognitive health also helps determine how we manage stress, relate to people, and make choices. Mental health is essential at every stage of life, including older years.

Lifeward Family Therapy supports older adults who find connecting within the community complex and challenging.

Many senior adults struggle with depression or anxiety as they cope with changes related to ageing or learning to live with a disability. Caregivers and friends must reach out for help if the individual cannot do so. It's equally important to know that people can help, especially with any adverse feelings or emotions associated with getting older. Depression is often a significant peril factor for many other health problems, including suicide. But you don't have to struggle alone. The Lifeward centre trained clinicians are ready to work with you or someone you know who might be experiencing mental or emotional distress.

Our counsellors provide psychological assessment services for older adults. Along with counselling, direct care, treatment for mental health issues, Lifeward offers assistance with problems interfering with a senior's quality of life. Our caring and qualified clinician will involve the client in a discussion to learn current needs. This may include responding to questions and filling out some information to complete the assessment. We will work together with a client to determine an individual plan. Our mental health therapists can meet with you in your home, teleconference over your device, or whatever is most convenient for you.

Lifeward clinicians employ evidence-based interventions to address symptoms. This includes weekly psychotherapy over short periods or longer-term interventions. Our social workers will work with the client to look at circumstances contributing to their situation, evaluate how those affect the client's life and offer new methods of dealing with the changes causing the symptoms. Through a collaborative approach, therapists can provide a unique view and alternative approaches to leading a meaningful life while giving a new perspective on life.