Lifeward Is a Mental Health Social Work and Family Therapy Practice.

The Lifeward family counselling service for personal and family development is created with the mission in mind to be an outpatient mental health facility offering high-quality services for adults, couples, children and families.

Lifeward Family Therapy for personal and family growth provides thoughtful psychological assistance to families and individuals.

Lifeward Family Therapy for personal and family advancement welcomes the opportunity to assist the needs of our clients and the community. Lifeward centre services are run from a friendly boutique location in Rockingham and are tailored to each client's particular and unique needs. Lifeward strives to match the needs of each client to the specialised expertise of a specific therapist. We are a multi-disciplined mental health facility committed to providing quality psychotherapeutic services in a caring, effective, and cost-efficient manner. Lifeward senior clinician Natasha Pekic experience, covers many mental health issues and various therapy modalities. We offer therapy in both individual and group settings at our private and secure boutique location in Rockingham.

As life evolves and changes occur, families can struggle to keep the family happy, healthy and together. Family therapy or counselling can aid you, your spouse, young children, teenagers and other extended family or caregivers. If you have persistent issues and cannot get relief, it may be time to contact a professional therapist or counsellor. At Lifeward, we can help you understand what might be wrong and what you can do about it.

If you are trying to cope with specific concerns or problems on your own but have been frustrated or don't exactly know how to make adjustments, therapy may be the answer you are looking for. Talking about your problem with a trained specialist can help get you out of that negative pattern and back into a more happy and fruitful life.

Our inspiration for starting Lifeward is to help people to turn towards life, hope and joy. Lifeward is a way to grow, self-actualisation and make better choices. Life and relationships can be challenging at times. During these challenging moments, it’s essential to be aware that we do have a choice in how we will think about our situation and the attitude we choose towards any particular case. Sunflower endures scorching sun by standing tall and turning towards the sun, a source of all life on earth. This reminds us of endurance and strength and always choosing to turn towards life, light and hope.