Lifeward Family Therapy Services and Individual Counselling.

Lifeward family centre for personal and family development is a new venture family therapy facility founded by Natasha Pekic based on the emerging need for mental health and family support during these challenging times of covid-19. The mission is to be an outpatient mental health facility offering high-quality personalised services for adults, couples, children and families.

Lifeward practitioners utilise a range of social work models of practice and therapeutic interventions and strengths-based systemic perspectives that underpin their work.

The influences of these perspectives, combined with ranging knowledge of evidence-based approaches to working with people, particularly those affected by abuse, trauma and complex mental health issues, has led our principle Natasha Pekic to develop a repertoire of interventions that include the following: at a systemic level, application of knowledge of family and systems therapy, undertake Dyadic work, family therapy and attachment theories to address family/systemic dysfunction that contributes to a person's poor mental health functioning.

Individual psycho-therapeutic interventions have included such techniques as psycho-education, psychotherapy, emotional regulation, anxiety management, behaviour therapy, CBT, Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment.

In delivering services to families, we often liaise, consult and collaborate with community and complimentary services as part of the planned intervention to increase persons and families access to resources.

Many people consider starting counselling or therapy because one or more aspects of their life feel gruelling or overwhelming. Still, the process to find a therapist is also overwhelming, and it can bring up our resistance and deflate our instigation for better self-care. Choosing the right therapist certainly depends on your necessities and the counselling style that will work for you. Natasha can work with you to select appropriate remedies and tailor plans to suit your preferences. Understanding your symptoms is one of the first steps on the road to recovery, and at Lifeward family therapy, we can recognise, define and resolve your issues together.